Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Talents of Mine

Hi everybody. I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. I hope this post will please you. :)
So you know how some people have really awesome talents? Like skating really well when they're about five years old. Or skateboarding. Or dancing on top of a horse with a baton. Those people are always "cool" for the rest of their life. You call them when you want to impress your other friends. As if to say "Look how amazing this person is. They're my friend which makes me amazing by default." They look like this (you know, with the "BAM AWESOME" cloud behind them):
Well I thought I could try to do these kinds of things too. I tried at least riding a horse. Well I found out that being height challenged didn't work to my advantage. I couldn't get on the horse without major help. And nobody looks awesome when they have to climb up four steps to get in a horse. So then I tried skateboarding. I got on the skateboard and went a couple inches before falling down. I don't think I'm able to trust my entire weight on a thin piece of wood with wheels. But the last time I remembered skating I thought I had done pretty well. But when I tried to go too fast, I fell down.... a lot. I ended up bruising my tailbone and wishing I had never set on this adventure to find the awesomeness hidden within me.

But then I remembered, I did have a talent. I could paint my nails like nobody's business! I mean, I wish my awesome talent was more......awesome. You know how I said earlier that you call those cool people to impress your friends? Well you call me when you want me to do your toenails because you can't reach them. I get called to touch your feet.

But at least I can make my fingers like little rainbows.

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